Learn more about the H+S Scholarship, and meet this years recipients.

This year's recipients

Academic Scholarships

  • Adia Escobedo - Sophomore at San Antonio College studying Art, Animation & Graphic Design
  • Kerri Hyland - Freshman at University of Oklahoma-Norman studying Nursing

Cultural Scholarship

  • Josie Cheatham - for study of violin at Roots Academy, Brentwood, TN

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients of the Harp & Shamrock Scholarships


Academic - Molly Breuer, Shannon Breuer
Cultural - Jonathan Gobert


Academic - Molly Breuer, Conner Fitzmaurice
Cultural - Madison Longo, Peyton Longo


Academic - Seamus Moreno, Leah Simonetta, Conner Fitzmaurice, Lauren Sharp
Cultural - Clare Fitzmaurice


Academic - Lea Howell O'Grady, Seamus Moreno
Cultural - Gerald Mulvey, Savanah Rose Stevens, Clare Fitzmaurice, Sophia Lopez


Academic - Lea Howell O'Grady, Alexis O'Connor, Sophie C. Greer, Caitlin Belanger and Shannon Faught
Cultural - Savanah Rose Stevens, Clare Fitzmaurice, Sophia Lopez


Academic - Alexis O'Conner, Shannon Faught, Erin O;Brien, Ceara Moreno, Seamus Moreno
Cultural - Jameson Perez


Academic - Alexander Simonetta, Marley Hays, Stephan Ross Marty, Bria Marty, Seamus Moreno, Erin O'Brien, Kristina Youngson
Cultural - Conner James Egan, Jameson Perez


Academic - Conner Sharp, Nick Henderson, Daryl McGhiey, Maribel Dodd, Erin O'Brien
Cultural - Jameson Harmony Perez

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