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Design this year's

Harp & Shamrock Society Fiesta Medal

Submit your design for the 2024 Harp and Shamrock Fiesta Medal! The winner will receive 5 copies of the medal, and the medal will have the winner’s name noted on the back of the medal. The announcement of the winning medal will be in the Society's newsletter, and the winner will also be informed by mail.

Email entries to:

terencepeak@netscape.net (please write CONTEST in the subject line).

Or mail entry to:

The Harp & Shamrock Society of Texas
 P.O. Box 15306
 San Antonio, TX 78212

Emailed entries must arrive before September 1st, 2024. Mailed entries must be postmarked before that date. Entries must include name, address, email address and phone number.


  • The design must be Irish-themed with a Fiesta twist. 
  • The design should include at least one Irish icon such as a Shamrock, Leprechaun, St. Patrick, the Irish tricolor (flag), etc. in the design. 
  • The design should include a catchphrase that integrates the Fiesta theme (past catchphrases include “Viva Irish Texans”, “Fiesta Go Braugh”, and “I ☘  Fiesta”).
  • The design should also have an interactive component such as a sliding /spinning movement or the ability to light up.
  • The design must incorporate the web address of the Harp and Shamrock Society: www.harpandshamrock.org
  • The design must incorporate the year (2024).
  • The winning design will be chosen by a panel of judges and the cost to produce the medal will be taken into account.  The cost to produce should be less than $5.00
  • Entries must include a detailed description of the medal and an explanation of the interactive features of the medal. 
  • The rendered design can be hand-drawn and photographed or created using design software. The image must be large enough to view the various design elements. 
  • Entries should be in PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, or GIF format. PDF is the preferred format. 
  • You may enter more than one design.

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